Sport Performance

Sports Performance Training

The difference between GREAT and AVERAGE athletes is their level of physical preparation. Top-level physical preparation will transform the below average athlete to good, good athlete to great and a great athlete to collegiate or professional levels.

Our sports performance program hits all the parameters of human performance: strength, speed, conditioning, sprint mechanics, agility, power development, advanced strength training techniques, mobility, body awareness, and more. Every program is designed specifically for the individual athlete. Programs are based on their goals, strengths and weaknesses. CHAMP Performance will evaluate their current level of athleticism and teach them how to be more efficient for optimal performance in their sport. CHAMP does not use random programming or one size plan for everyone (like most “sports performance” gyms). Random programming found on the internet or in magazines will not guarantee proper physical preparation – in fact it can actually hinder development.

We also prepare college and professional athletes for their Pro-Day, Combine, and Showcases. Preparing for these events is an art in itself and we know all the tricks and techniques to ensure you are fully armed for success heading into it!

Head Strength and Conditioning Coaches at C.H.A.M.P.

*Justin Swinney, Master’s Degree in Human Performance and Health Promotion, Combine 360 Certified Trainer and Testing Specialist, Parrillo Certified Trainer, Crossfit Football Certified Trainer and numerous other certifications. Justin has been associated with Bob Jones High, Madison Academy High, Sparkman High, James Clemons High, East Limestone High as a Strength/Speed Coach and Consultant. Justin also played College Football until injuries ended his career, then he won Mr. Alabama 1st Place bodybuilding in 2007.

CHAMP has very high standards for coaches and trainers. Justin is responsible for training and mentoring all the other coaches at CHAMP We currently have a 1-Year Internship Program that all our coaches must complete before they are allowed to train individually at CHAMP. CHAMP requires a minimum of a Master’s Degree in an Exercise related field and 8 years’ experience coaching/training for the ability to create programs for any athlete at CHAMP. The education and experience in CHAMP’s program design/implementation is unmatched by any facility in North Alabama.
If you are serious about becoming the best athlete you can be, CHAMP. Performance is the only facility in Alabama to take you to that level. Stop delaying the opportunity to better yourself and enhance your athletic potential!

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