Green Force Tactical Custom Swinney Nutrition Fitted Holsters

$ 89.00

Green Force Tactical and Swinney Nutrition have joined forces to create a unique custom tactical fitted holsters designed from the ground up to be a top of the line holster using the best materials available.

Made in the USA, each holster has been personally cut, molded, drilled, sawed, sanded, sisaled, polished, assembled, bent, cleaned, logoed, marked, packaged and packed by Green Force Tactical.

The holster design follows the shape of the Swinney Nutrition logo, from the elevated red of the back of the upper right to the shape of the lines, featuring a peekaboo reveal cut all the way around showing the red back framing the black. All come branded loud and proud with the Swinney Nutrition logo.


  • There are 12 in existence plus a prototype
  • Open bottomed Outside the Waistband holsters cut for the glock 19/23 length
  • All the 9mm/.40/.357 sig sized pistols will fit.. from 26 to 17L
  • Full carbon rig on both sides
  • Polished stainless screws holding the belt attach on, to the black oxide coated stainless posts and retention screw
  • All fastners are the best available made in the USA from Index Fastners.
  • The Eyelets are nickel coated to stay with the silver in the Swinney color palate on the supplement bottles.
  • Belt attach are the 1.5" trapezoidal injection molded units from Dave White at NSR Tactical.